Get prepared for GMN World Graduate Skills Competition Championship Award will take place October 20-25 2025, in Lagos Nigeria.

The championship Skills competition, is to  inspires undergraduates and graduates of accredited universities, polytechnics and technical colleges to discover the many interesting careers are available in the skill economy and technology sectors. With an increasing demand for skilled workers, the skilled economy and technologies offer a rewarding and lucrative career path for young graduates around the world. 

Throughout the competition, stakeholders from corporate institutions, government, multinational agencies, educational institution, and private network of individuals are provided with opportunity to exchange information and best practices regarding industry and professional education at networking events and through provoking conferences. 

At GMN world graduate skills championship Nigeria 2025, approximate 25,ooo competitors from over 57 members countries and regions will compete in over 120 skills areas for the prestigious title of the GMN world Graduate skills champion in their respective trade. These  skills areas represents ten sectors: Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering technology, Agriculture Technology, Communication Technology, Construction Technology, Transportation Technology, Marketing, Music, Arts and Fashion, Social and Personal Services.

An Event Of Global Significance

Undergraduate and Graduate around the world are answering the call to address sustainability; rapidly evolving technology; diversity, equity and inclusion; and economic volatility. GMN World Graduate Skills Of The Year is a prestigious moment in time that recognizes, connects, and engages innovators who think differently and risk boldly to create new solutions.

The ultimate GMN World Competition for Graduates Skills

Class of 2024 finalists will represent 62 countries and territories from — the only global program for Graduate Skills entrepreneurs of its kind — and compete for the world title in Lagos Nigeria. A diverse panel of independent judges will assess the achievements of these program winners against Ten criteria: entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth and impact. The GMN World Graduate Skills Entrepreneur Of The Year 2025 will be announced and celebrated during the Gala Night at the pinnacle of this renowned event.


The 2025 GMN World Graduate Skills championship competition  will take place at a prestigious gallery in Lagos Nigeria in front of approximately 250,000 spectators. 

The members of GMN World Graduates Team Nigeria 2025 will be unveiled on July 1st. Stay tuned on GMN World Graduates Skills  website and social media channels! and be on the lookout.

Here’s A Few Interesting Facts About The Host City:

Lagos is a major African financial center and is the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. The city has a significant influence on commerce, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion in Africa. It is the hub of an urban area with over eight million inhabitants wit excellent rail and road links and one of Nigeria’s busiest international airport and the largest seaport in Africa.

Do you believe your business embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship?

Then nominate yourself for the GMN Champion Awards 2025! This is your chance to join the “Celebration of GMN World Graduate Skills  with Champions “

Let’s celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, champion the change makers, and inspire the next generation of bold dreamers. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates, and remember: the future is in your hands.

Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and champion those who dare to dream big and change the world. If you have that special quality in your business then nominate your business for the Graduate Skills Champion Awards 2025 and get a chance to attend the ‘Celebration of GMN World Graduate Skills Championship 

Nominate Your Business


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