Supporting GMN Academy is an investment in African’s young people, their families and communities. We want to make it possible for more young people to access our programs and projects. If you share our beliefs, please make a donation today. Your donation, however small, will help to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of every young person who wants and needs to be involved in GMN Academy.

In recent years, we’ve seen a cut of 40% to our funding while the demand for our services has increased by 25%.

Cuts in funding of over 40% threaten the vital services we provide. For more information on the vital youth service that GMN Academy offers young people please see Our Work.

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If you would prefer not to donate online, you can also make a valuable donation in a number of other ways:

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Corporate Support

Investing in Futures

GMN Academy is building a brighter future for Africa for and with its young people. Young people are the leaders, wealth creators and decision makers of tomorrow. Supporting GMN Academy’s work and enabling young people to effect positive change for themselves and their communities is driving real social and economic prosperity for Africa. We need members of the business community to be a part of our ambitious vision to empower more young people, enrich more communities and transform Africa for the better.

Make a Difference Today for Tomorrow

GMN Academy’s goal is to sustain services now for 716,000 young people nationwide and grow support to over 12,000,000 young people by 2030. Demand for our services has risen significantly in recent years in direct contrast with a decline in funding. Never before has your support been more important.

Without support from the business community, GMN Academy would not be able to reach all of the 716,000 young people we work with. Be part of the corporate drive to support young people and become a champion of young people with your customers and colleagues in the communities they live and work in. Please contact or call +234905 643 1464

Volunteer Enquiry

Hello there!

There’s always room for more volunteers at GMN Academy! Our volunteers are 18+. If you’re interested in getting on board, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

GMN Acadamy greatly values volunteerism and has a policy and strong systems to support volunteers in the organization. You might like to read about these in this document. We look forward to responding to your enquiry. All fields marked with an asterix * are required fields.

Volunteer Roles & Opportunities.

Having a great experience as a volunteer is often about ensuring you are in the right role – that matches your interests with those of GMN Academy.

The perfect role for you might be here! Just so you know, all applicant volunteers in GMN Academy go through a selection process which includes references and Garda vetting.

Lead a GMN Academy team house with other adults

These team houses are about youth development: Volunteer leaders make it possible for young people to socialize safely, try new things, develop their confidence and self reliance, get involved in the community and have lots of fun. The volunteer gets loads out of it too – like a great relationship with local teenagers, training and being part of a team.

We need weekly commitment for about 2 hours, usually from September to May. Fill in the volunteer enquiry form on this site and we will forward it to the appropriate country. You can direct questions to ie Mentor a young person

GMN Academy Programs matches a trained adult volunteer with a young person who would benefit from having a mentor in their lives. The volunteer will be facilitated to establish a supportive relationship with the young person, aimed at assisting them in their development. We need male and female volunteers. There is a commitment of a weekly meeting with the young person for about an hour or two over the course of one year. Complete our volunteer enquiry form and we will be in touch.

Specialist roles with young people

If you have skills or experience with vulnerable young people we may have opportunities for you to work jointly with GMN Academy staff in groups focused on particular issues like trouble with the law, substance misuse, homework support, aspects of youth health, etc. These are in many countries. Please complete the volunteer enquiry form and we will forward it to a staff person so they can contact you.

Volunteer in a GMN Academy Juniors team/ in a Youth Café / in an Interest team

These teams are variations on the GMN Academy team house described above. Juniors teams are for 13 to 18 year olds, cafés are aimed at older teenagers, and interest teams cover single interest teams such as chess, sports, music or almost anything young people are interested in. If you want to develop or be part of leading one of these teams, please fill in the volunteer enquiry form.

  • Complete Blogging Course
  •  App Creation Course
  •  Amazon Book Publishing Course
  •  Mobile Videography Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  •  E-commerce Creation Course
  •  WhatsApp Status Views Increase Course
  •  Landing Page Creation Course
  •  Social Media Management Course
  •  Digital Artwork and Cartoon Portrait Course
  •  Here’s Everything You’re Getting Access To:
  •  Photo-To-3D Sketch Technology
  • Text-To-3D Sketch Technology
  •  Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  •  Auto Color Detect Technology
  •  Subtitles & Captions Creator
  •  Speech-To-Text Transcription
  •  1-Click Language Translation
  •  100’s of Text-To-Speech Voices
  •  Unique Sketch Themes & Styles
  •  Millions of Royalty-Free Images
  •  Built-in Music Library

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  and a lot more!

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