GMN Academy brings over 10 years of collective experience developing policies, practices, programmes, training and strategies in the field of youth education programmes. We have a team of experienced educators who design our curriculum and training programmes. GMN Academy’s bespoke programme design services are based on the client’s needs and requirements. This enables us to provide the content that will shape the training session.

As an international leader in youth education, we are passionate about engaging with organisations that are seeking to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people and communities across the world.

GMN Academy has extensive experience in the design and development of bespoke youth programmes to address a specific need. In the past we have developed programmes and associated training for clients in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, youth employment training, crime reduction, team building, programming, and technology and well-being. GMN Academy works in close collaboration with government bodies, independent training organisations, other youth groups as well as statutory and voluntary sectors in this area.

Working in collaboration with you, would you like us to create a training programme that suits your organization and communities needs. Do you need bespoke curriculum written and tailored to your organizations needs.

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