GMN Academy Team
240,000.00 215,000.00

Automotive Systems Training

The automotive sector is one of the main drivers of the global economy. It provides employment for people and brings in billions of dollars in revenue. This course offers technical training on automotive systems. We discuss market trends, challenges in the automotive industry, vehicular systems and components, and methods for automotive diagnostics and repair. Also, […]

GMN Academy Team
175,000.00 125,000.00

Home Appliance Repair

What if you could be the super hero who swoops in to save the day when appliances break down in your house? A solid understanding of how your household appliances function can help you to use, maintain and repair them properly. This course demonstrates how to maximise the performance of common domestic appliances like refrigerators […]

GMN Academy Team
300,000.00 210,000.00

Electrical Engineering

The course begins by teaching you about electrical safety, electrical circuits, and electrical theory. You will initially focus on what constitutes an electrical wiring system and the hazards involved in working with electric power. You will be familiarized with the installation procedures and storage techniques for electrical wiring components such as device boxes, raceways and […]

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